Transforming the way we understand cities

We use Artificial Intelligence to uncover the nuanced underpinnings of urban culture and the interaction between people and place.

What is the Williamsburg of Houston?

We use advanced AI techniques to transform heterogeneous data from hundreds of sources, producing a holistic understanding of location that encompasses factors ranging from nightlife vibrancy, to how urban an area feels, to likelihood of different business types to thrive.

Using similarities between locations across neighborhoods, cities and the country we’re able to answer questions such as “What is the Williamsburg of Kansas City?”


Our Products

Retail site selection and revenue predictions, powered by hundreds of data sources and advanced Artificial Intelligence

Topos Similarity Product

Quick, clear site selection guidance

  • No pre-work required, just enter an address to see extensive tenant matches or a brand to see nationwide expansion guidance
  • Replaces multiple tools: map-based visuals, comprehensive data insights and clearly justified recommendations, brand contact info
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Topos Similarity Product

Accurate revenue predictions with ease

  • By ingesting just a few data points per site and with as few as ten existing locations, see refined site selection guidance and revenue predictions
  • Identify the best areas to target for expansion, whether a nationwide market ranking or zooming in on a single market
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Work with us

We’re looking for candidates who can help us further our vision and enrich our culture of scientific inquiry, enthusiasm for urbanism, and respect. We welcome applicants from all walks of life and strive to create a diverse workplace where all viewpoints are welcome.

Topos is based in New York and is comprised of a team encompassing diverse skill sets and of widespread origins: London, Istanbul, Seoul, Mexico City, New Orleans, Sydney, Hawaii, Berkeley, New York, Vermont.

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